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Friday is the last day to vote early, and it’s no secret that local voter turnout has been low. Democrats, in particular, are dragging their feet but understandably so. With a presidential candidate already chosen and no candidates in local races, a trip to the polls probably seems pointless.

But I’m here to offer an alternative. No matter your party affiliation, consider voting in the Republican primary. This is the only way to ensure your vote “counts” in Wise County and that you can have input in local politics. A few Democrats have already taken the plunge.

Weak knees and queasy stomachs were reported, but there have been no long-term side effects. Let’s face it, the politics of one party or another don’t affect how daily business is conducted in Wise County government. I wish local candidates didn’t even have to pick a party. An “R” or “D” beside a name doesn’t mean a thing.

A Republican county commissioner doesn’t pave roads any differently than a Democratic commissioner. Does party affiliation really make a difference in the job of justice of the peace? I’m not convinced it does. At least not here.

Locally, I think it’s about working together to run the county. Officials seem to make decisions based either on what’s best for their precinct, no matter Republican or Democrat, or what’s best for the county as a whole. There may be other subgroups to which they answer or allegiances to which they feel obligated (family and friends), but none of those are tied to party politics. Of course, there are always officials that make bad decisions or “don’t play well with others,” but that’s more often the result of personality quirks or poor judgment. It has nothing to do with a Democratic or Republican agenda.

I think the candidates themselves would agree, especially when you consider how many local candidates were once Democrats and switched parties to keep their jobs. It was a move forced by straight-ticket voting, creating a game with only one team.

It’s reduced elections here to one-party races, and although that could change in the future, it might not happen for a long time. Until then, consider exercising your right to vote, overlook party affiliation and cast a vote after considering the qualities and experience of each candidate.

Are party lines more important than community?





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  1. Jonni

    24. May, 2012

    And how many democrats then vote for a republican presidential candidate, not because they think they would be best to represent the United States, but the one they feel their democrat candidate has the best chance to beat in the General election in November????

    Some states only allow you to vote in the party you are REGISTERED as an affiliation. I wish Texas had the same.

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  2. Maritha Gan

    24. May, 2012

    How can our votes count when the Republican Party has already held their County Convention and the Delegates to the State Convention have already been chosen? This is highly irregular and perhaps illegal. I am sorely disappointed with the Republican Party at this point as they do not represent the people.

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  3. Tracy Smith

    25. May, 2012

    First of all, was this an advertisement for the Republican Party?

    Candidates in wise County did/do have a choice if they all agree they don’t think Party affiliations are fair. They could ask the Legislative laws all over the state to change all local races to run like school board elections and city elections with no party affiliations, but the locals Taxes would have to be raised to offset the statewide pool used to fund these elections. Good Luck getting a Republican to do that…. Smaller voting locations would then be closed because of low voter turnout to help reduce costs of funding elections and keep tax payers happy resulting in even lower voter turnout. Is this what a responsible journalist should be advocating for?

    If the local candidates are not happy with having to set there true beliefs aside in order to hold a job, then I really question there ethics and wonder why they are trusted to be in that position anyway. The simple solution for THOSE candidates if they fret so hard over it would be to run as an Independent. Why do they choose not to do that instead is the question I’m wondering.


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