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I spent the better part of yesterday interviewing a group of eight high school seniors at each Chico and Alvord for a couple of features in tomorrow’s edition of the Messenger.

Members of this year’s graduating class of Chico High School were students in Jennifer Moss’s fifth-grade class when she died in 2005. Those students reflected and paid tribute to their beloved mentor in a heart-tugging manner.

Although touched by their thoughtfulness, I admittedly left the Chico interview with a heavy heart thinking about the emotional toll the loss of such a wonderful, electric person (as they described her) on such young kids.

Thankfully, the outgoing and comical personalities of four sets of twins — the Browns, Lingles, Lynchs and Nichols — in this year’s senior class at Alvord replaced those feelings with plenty of laughs.

In particular, the Lingles shared several entertaining anecdotes that, unfortunately, did not fit into the story.

The brothers, Jordan and Jeremy, recalled one time in particular that they got in trouble.

“We were playing cops and robbers… with a real gun,” Jeremy said. “Yeah, we got yelled at.

The Lingles also told how they switched classes for a day and got away with it.

“Until he put his glasses and almost got us caught,” Jeremy said.

“My head was starting to heart!” Jordan contended.

The older twin, Jordan, was born with cerebral palsy and has undergone 13 surgeries in his journey. He was only given 24 hours to live, but after spending a year in the hospital, he and twin Jeremy will celebrate their 19th birthday in June — June 21, to be exact. (As you’ll read in the story, they believe it shouldn’t easily be forgotten as it’s the first day of summer).

Although a serious matter, Jordan gives it a funny twist.

“I have scars all over my body (from the 13 surgeries),” he said. “But I like to tell people they’re scars from a shark attack.”

His underwent his last surgery when he was 7 years old, but he suspects he’ll have to have another for a leg that is giving him problems.

I wish him luck with that and his post-graduation endeavors and those of the rest of the twins, Alvord High School seniors and Wise County class of 2012.

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