Cultural tradition depicts local tradition of generosity

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I am constantly moved by the outpour of support a community demonstrates to a neighbor in need. Following a pricey medical diagnosis or a fire, benefit accounts are established at local banks and bake sales, garage sales and raffles are organized to raise money to help offset costs.

But my favorite benefits are those that convene hoards of family members, friends and generous souls for a good time in the name of helping a neighbor.

Such will be the case this Saturday as a Mexican-style rodeo (coleadero) is scheduled to raise funds for Decatur resident, and my uncle, Lazaro Martinez, who was critically injured in a horse accident in February.

He spent more than three weeks-straight in a Fort Worth hospital, spending time in intensive care and undergoing multiple surgeries. And has since returned for additional procedures. Currently, he is undergoing strenuous therapy and is slowly beginning to walk again.

Inevitably, medical bills have burned a whole in the pockets of his sons. To offset some of that financial strain, a community of charros (Mexican cowboys) have organized an all-day coleadero Saturday at Lienzo Charro Casa Blanca in Krum (5001 FM 2450).

Come on out to witness to a cultural sport, enjoy authemtic Mexican dishes, hear traditional Mexican music (band members who live in Wise County, by the way), allthewhile helping a deserving man.


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