Behind closed doors

Posted on 14. May, 2012 by

Dozens of teachers gather tonight in the Boyd High School library. They better be ready for a long night. The issue at hand is the future of John Emshoff as the superintendent of The district. For the past hour and a half the school board has been in secret session discussing the issue. Rumor in the room is teachers are upset over the way they’ve been treated by the superintendent. Some of it might started almost a year ago when several teachers were reassigned during the impending state budget crisis. Positions were moved around at the time to keep the district from making layoffs like so many other districts were at the time. But according to some here “a storm has been brewing ever since.” A list of grievances compiled by staff was supposedly turned into the school board. We’ve been through this before. Almost three years ago the board here faced another tough decision with a superintendent. The four and a half hour closed door session that night ended with a 4-3 vote to fire then superintendent Greg Stone. Will it end similarly with Emshoff? He’s ready to make changes to his policy if he needs to. Stay tuned to the Wise County Messenger for details as I trudge through another long night at the Boyd school board meeting.

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