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ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) …

Texas Monthly magazine gave a nod to the wackiness of Wise County crime.

Last week I wrote a column lamenting the fact that the magazine overlooks the Wise County crime report in favor of that in Lufkin for one of its regular posts on TM Daily Post.

“Magazine should recognize Wise’s weirdness” came out in the paper Wednesday and outlined several ways in which “our crime report” is just as entertaining and hilarious as that in Angelina County. Granted, it’s hard to beat East Texas in the crazy department, but Wise County gives it a run for its money.

Thursday morning I tweeted a link to my column and “mentioned” a Texas Monthly writer in the tweet. Fort Worth Star-Telegram┬áreporter and columnist Bud Kennedy also tweeted a link to it and “mentioned” the magazine.

Twitter did the trick. The tweets caught the attention of Texas Monthly and Sonia Smith. I was just hoping for an off-hand reference to a few of our most ridiculous crimes in the next crime post, but by Thursday afternoon Smith had “conducted an unscientific study” comparing the two crime reports and had written a post that not only mentioned some of Wise County’s craziest crimes, but also rehashed my column.

“Highlights from the Wise County Messenger’s Police Blotter” managed to get 137 “likes” on Facebook. It was also tweeted a couple of times by the magazine itself and by a couple of its writers.

I’ll admit; it made for a fun 24 hours, following it on Twitter and Facebook and seeing what kind of attention it garnered. In the end, I hope the post exposed a wider audience to what we do here at the Messenger, even if only for a moment, and that they enjoyed our crime report as much as our local readers do.



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