Decatur and Rhome provide intriguing local races

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Early voting in city and school board elections began today. The most intriguing races look to be in the Decatur school board and Rhome city council and mayor.

For Decatur, longtime incumbent Kevin Haney is sitting nice with no challengers. But incumbents Chris Lowery and Joey Luttrull are facing challenges from a pair of educators that could give the board a markedly different makeup. Marsha Hafer and Diana Mosely both have backgrounds in teaching. It seems pretty important when making decisions that affect hundreds of teachers in a district. Mosley stands opposed to the over-emphasis on standardized testing. Teachers know how the desire by the legislature to teach everyone to the tests takes away from the art form that teaching is. It also misses finding certain strengths in some students. Hafer finds common ground with a lot of constituents with her concerns over CSCOPE. Of course Luttrull has a lot of years of experience in the position and Lowery is eager to come back for a second term.

The Rhome mayoral position has no incumbent running but there is a lot of experience on the ballot. Current council member Chris Moore and former council member David Wilson (no relation to council member Jo Ann Wilson) both have devoted years of volunteering to the city. Moore also serves a local firefighter and Wilson has a background in public works. Either way the citizens will get a knowledgable proven candidate. The third candidate, Jennifer Petty, is a long shot in this race.

The Rhome council is a battle royale between five candidates with only two surviving. I’d throw my support behind incumbent Jo Ann Wilson for one of the positions. He heart is always in the right place and she’s willing to compromise to find a solution. Her ego never gets in the way when working with fellow council members on issues. The second candidate well deserving is Michelle Pittman. She attends every meeting and is always willing to learn more and volunteer. Both valued assets not always found in candidates. She currently sits on the planning and zoning board. She’s paid her dues already, learning the background behind many items before they even wind up on the council agenda. With a background in accounting, it just makes her a more valuable resource to have around when writing a budget.

So don’t forget to get out there and vote for your favorite candidate before it’s too late.

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