Out of sync

Posted on 23. Apr, 2012 by

The best way to appreciate something is to spend time with it. Get to know it. Attempt to understand how it works.

Earth Day came and went Sunday. But the 42nd installment of a day created to foster awareness in the sustainability of the world we live in sees an American populace more out of touch than ever before.

The age of gadgetry and digital information and virtual protest has removed many of us far from reality. A sunset is a bore. A walk in the woods quaint.

Public service announcements targeting kids no longer warn of staying away from downed power lines or preventing forest fires or staying away from drugs and strangers. Those things require going outside. The PSA’s today that come on the Disney Channel warn of cyber bullying or Internet predators or even sugggest kids put down the electronic device occasionaly and go outside and play. Of course, moments later will come a commercial telling kids of a great website to play games.

How much more can we emmerse ourselves in technology? Can we completely forsake the world that made us all we are and expect to last? I guess only Google knows.

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