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I can still feel the grit in my teeth and in the corners of my eyes. I toured the new Weatherford College  campus today, and as we stood in the parking lot, sheets of sand washed over us, and the wind threatened to blow the hard hats right off our heads.

But once we walked inside, the weather was an afterthought as I was immediately taken with the interior of the facility. Natural light floods hallways and classrooms creating a softness that offsets the more rugged rock work and exposed beam ceiling in the entry. We walked through the entire building, first and second floors, and you could almost imagine students filing down the halls, working in the labs or visiting in lounges.

I don’t think current students have any idea what is in store for them. They’re accustomed to taking classes and studying in temporary facilities, but the new building is truly state-of-the-art and a place I think anyone would enjoy spending time. Although the campus is scheduled to be finished in just five weeks, I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of the new building — inside and out!

The exterior of the building, east end.

Dean Duane Durrett stands in the simulated hospital, which is part of the nursing program. A hospital bed will be placed under each of the lights on the wall behind Durrett, and in each bed will be a robotic patient that presents various symptoms for treatment. In the far right side of the photo, you can see a nurses’ station.

View of the main entryway from the second floor.

View from a second-story classroom. The structure pictured is the Brown Building, which will house the cosmetology program, emergency medical technician program and continuing education courses.

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