Text ban needed

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Once again Texas is slow to enact needed legislation all in the name of what I guess is “individual rights.”

As of this month, 37 states have banned texting and driving by all drivers. Like some perverse version of the 13 original colonies, 13 states are holding out on passing the life-saving traffic law. Texas is one of them.

Texas has laws against texting and driving, but they are minimal. Only bus drivers are not allowed to text and drive, and if a city so chooses, they can ban texting and driving in school zones by all drivers.

Decatur and Wise County know better than most the tragedy of texting and driving. Just over three years ago sophomore Chelsea Lunt was killed while texting and driving to school early in the morning for track practice.

It’s simple for law enforcement to prove due to the time stamp sent on every text, so that’s not an issue. We should probably go a step further and ban all use of cell phones while driving. They are handheld computers. Some people look at Facebook and watch YouTube videos while driving. None of it is worth it.

If just a handful of people stop texting and driving in this state for fear of getting fined then the law would be well worth.

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