Obama plans visit to Wise County

Posted on 02. Apr, 2012 by

A report received this afternoon through the AP wire indicated that President Barack Obama has scheduled a campaign stop in Wise County, Texas.

When surveying potential stops in the 2012 campaign, the president’s staff was looking for counties across the nation where he garnered the lowest percentage of votes in 2008. Wise County happens to be the winner for that award in Texas.

According to the report, it’s part of an attempt to “mend the growing gulf between the left and the right in America.” Due to the lack of a strong conservative Republican candidate, the president’s staff hopes to pull in some of the old time Democrats and tea party people.

Also, according to the report, this is a day late April Fools. It was actually King County, Texas, that produced the lowest percentage for Obama in 2008. He got 5 percent of the whopping 143 voters there. Obama actually received 22 percent of the votes in Wise County out of 11,498 voters.

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