Crime cost us all in long run

Posted on 26. Mar, 2012 by

In the Wise County Courthouse last week a man from Tarrant County was sentenced to 11 years in the state pen for burglary. The burglary he was involved in was massive and scary. He ripped a home clean, stealing from a family almost $100,0000 in property plus countless irreplaceable and priceless items. And he cost all of us in the long run. Despite his guilt he refused to any plea bargain and he plead not guilty, forcing a costly jury trial. After being found guilty by a jury of his peers, he finally admitted his guilt in a last ditch effort. When considering the high cost of housing an inmate his decision to burglarize a home one day has came with a whopping price tag. Prisons cost Texas taxpayers $49.40 per inmate per day, which is $18,031 per year. And each new state prison bed costs more than $60,000 to build. If we assume he only serves half his sentence, his housing alone has cost us more than his burglary cost the family. The criminal justice budget in the state has increased from $793 million in 1990 to $2.94 billion according to Texas Public Policy Foundation. When people make decisions like our friend from Tarrant County, it’s easy to see why.

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