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It’s the most wonderful time of year — the tulips are blooming, baby animals are in abundance and college basketball games fill my evenings for an entire month. It’s March Madness, and this Baylor alum couldn’t be any more ecstatic.

Fourteen filled brackets cover a newsroom door behind me with teams of choice ranging from several Kentucky to a couple of Syracuse and my Baylor¬†Bears. Aside from a loyalty to the green and gold that gave Baylor a ticket straight to the championship title, I used a “cuter boys on the team” and “cooler sounding name” strategy when filling my bracket. The fate of teams on our editor’s bracket was determined by a coin flip, and we’ve got another that usually fills her according to who would win in a dual of the mascots. Of course we’ve got the sports junkies who closely follow the teams, but as we’ve learned through the series of upsets, there’s no no-fault strategy. It’s madness, plain and simple.

What technique do you use to fill your bracket? Which team have you chosen to go all the way?

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