Wrong group gets Spring Break

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Why do kids need spring break? What did they ever do to deserve the week-long holiday. All kids have to do is attend school for a few hours a day and pass classes that could be handled by zombies. Kids already get weeks off for Christmas, which was just a week when I was a kid, and then a week off of Thanksgiving, which was only a day or two when I was in school, and then months off for summer. Throw in every weekend and every holiday about a dead person and kids are off about half of the calendar.

And once again, public school is not very hard. Even the standardized testing isn’t a big deal. They are easy. If kids are having problems, it’s probably just nerves. Shove a couple Xanax down their throats and send them on their way armed with some Number Twos. If they’re still having problems, don’t worry about it, they obviously aren’t meant for an academic career. Just let them focus on a trade at this point. They’ll probably make more money fixing cars or sweating in the oil field than most college grads anyway.

Once you’re grown up it never ends. Work never ends. After a long day at work you come home and have to cook and clean or some other chore. You never get out for summer or extended times for holidays. You keep going and going and going. It’s responsibility forever. We’re the ones who deserve Spring Break. They say youth is wasted is on the young. I agree with They.






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