Nothing worth running for

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Today was the final day to file for May elections, and there seems to be little to no interest to run for city council or mayor or school boards in most Wise County towns and districts.

There’s a few out there. Rhome city council and mayor are contested races. Runaway Bay council is contested. And Decatur, Boyd and Chico ¬†school boards all have couple contested spots.

But you won’t find contested races in Newark, Aurora, New Fairview, Boyd city, Lake Bridgeport, Chico, Alvord and if it wasn’t for a last minute entry, Decatur wouldn’t have needed an election either.

It’s hard to blame people. It’s a volunteer position where people actually get angry at you for volunteering. Unlike the warm fuzzy feelings you get after spending an afternoon taking care of animals at a shelter or delivering meals to old people, as an unpaid public official you might get people griping you out in a public forum for changing a city ordinance regarding old cars parked in the lawn or maybe you’ll get chastised in a nasty letter to the editor for changing the cheerleader’s handbook.

But you might also get the chance to help your city build a park that makes people happy for generations. You might help make the decision to hire a new principal that makes a positive impact in the lives of countless children. Even though it seems a tedious and thankless position at times, city councils and school boards also make decisions that can shape and improve the lives of entire communities. And that seems like something worth running for.

Today was the finals day to file for May elections

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  1. Bonnie J Neal

    09. Mar, 2012

    It is perplexing Brandon. However great volunteering is for the spirit, it is more than just seeing what one can do for the community. It is also working to understand and work out the visions of each individual on a Council or a Board. Each iperson must put into the position a personal grasp of who they are and who each of the others are and what is the goal of the whole. It can get incredibly difficult to keep the goal of “getting the swamp drained, when you are surrounded by alligators”. Been there, still trying to swim.

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