Keeping calm, carrying on

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An emergency plane landing at Bridgeport Municipal Airport is one of the top stories in this week’s edition of the Messenger.

Randy Martin of Conroe was forced to land his Piper Navajo aircraft after noticing a gear shift light that wasn’t turned on.

He avoided tragedy by smoothly grounding the plane, waiting for it to roll to a stop after all electrical connections were shut off.

Within minutes of his seamless land, Martin calmly spoke with Messenger photographer Joe Duty, video Andrew May and I, hardly shaken.

The pilot of 40 years explained his smooth descent, even adding good-natured ribbing.
“Every time you take off, you think about what could go wrong,” he said. “But one way or another, you’re going to land.

“When something goes bad, you can’t get too excited. Otherwise emergency personnel would be cutting me out of the plane instead of going to lunch right now.”

Without a doubt it was Martin’s calm demeanor and and experience that allowed the troopers, police officers and firefighters to head to Pronto’s and Yesterday’s less than an hour after being dispatched.

To read more on the incident and watch a video interview of Martin and Bridgeport Police Chief Randy Singleton, visit

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