It’s a mad, mad world; thank goodness for order in the chaos

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Kids huffing compressed air in the parking lot of a grocery store, stolen iPhones at a high school, a barefoot man getting high on paint fumes in the dense, scraggly woods behind a liquor store, a bearded,  intoxicated man stealing a backhoe for a joyride through town and throw in some domestic disturbance calls, an assortment of traffic violations  and an intoxicated driver or two and you have a snapshot of the day in the life of an officer of the law in Wise County.

The men and women of the Bridgeport Police Department allowed myself and photographer Joe Duty to ride along on patrols for several hours at a times at all hours of the day last week.

We got to hear many stories, some funny, some tragic, from several officers. I was impressed with all of them for their professionalism in their duties, their compassion for fellow officers and their drive to help fellow citizens in need. They all joined the force for one reason: to serve their community. Even if it means paying the ultimate price, as did Sgt. Randy White several years ago on Texas 114.

In Wednesday’s paper we’ll cobble together a piece, the second in a series on jobs that never end, on a day in the life of a Bridgeport police officer. I hope y’all enjoy it, and I hope it shows you a different side, a new perspective, of the men and women working around the clock to keep a city safe.

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  1. charlotte boeker-burris

    20. Feb, 2012

    omg…..small town growing and adapting to big city problems??

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