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Everyone in county government had one question Monday morning.

Would Terry Ross show up for the regular commissioners meeting?

Ross is at the center of a theft investigation. Texas Rangers executed a search warrant last Tuesday and seized a playhouse from the Ross home in Boonsville. Ross claims there is documentation to prove a theft did not occur, but the search warrant affidavit said he confessed. The investigation is ongoing, and it will take some time for the entire saga to unfold.

Naturally, county officials wondered if they could expect to enjoy Ross’ company Monday morning.┬áLast week I was sure he wouldn’t show up, but that opinion began to waver by Friday.

All weekend, back and forth in my head: He’ll be there; He won’t be there; He’ll be there; He won’t be …

But by Monday, I had decided he would probably be there. He had to be.

1. He’s still in office and as an elected official of Precinct 4, it’s his responsibility to continue to represent his constituents.

2. Wouldn’t his absence make him look guilty?

Ross did not disappoint. He showed up. He missed the public hearing at 8:45, but he did get there for the 9 a.m. meeting.

Business was conducted as usual, as it should be, and everyone was polite and courteous.

I can’t lie, though. It was a little like having a lightning rod in the room. (Thank you to the county employee from which I borrowed this phrase.)


In other odds and ends, County Judge Bill McElhaney was not present. He twisted his ankle over the weekend. Upon hearing this news, it left me with only one question, what EXACTLY goes on at the Rhinestone Roundup? The Republican event was Saturday night, and I’m not sure if McElhaney sustained his injury before, during or after the festivities.

I have been assured it was not a politically-related injury.


Precinct 2 Commissioner Kevin Burns acted as judge in McElhaney’s absence, which means quick work was made of the agenda. There were only 24 items, but we were out by 10, folks. I’m fairly certain this is a record for meetings that regularly last til noon.

And as a final parting gift, I give to you, the cover of Tom Goode’s Public Works report … funny on so many levels this week.


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