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 Featured photo, Public Works monthly report, December 2011

The county commissioners’ first regular meeting of 2012 was Tuesday, and like always, there were a few moments that elicited stifled laughter from county government nerds like myself. I can always count on Public Works Director Tom Goode for a chuckle. His monthly reports usually feature a funny cover photo, and he continued the tradition with his December report. The young lad, above, is obviously distressed at the apparent death of Santa Claus. I feel his pain. I share his sentiment when faced with a lengthy commissioners agenda.


Constable Tom Bishop doesn’t tell many jokes, but he is often good for a surprise. Maybe it was no shock to the commissioners, but Bishop submitted a $1,285 reimbursement  request for the paint job  on his patrol vehicle, a pickup the county purchased in August and an expense that at the time Bishop said he would cover. He wasn’t at the meeting, and commissioners refused his request with little discussion.

The white pickup was painted to more closely resemble a patrol vehicle.

“… it was our understanding that he was going to pay for that himself,” said Commissioner Danny White. County Judge Bill McElhaney said minutes from previous meetings reflected the fact that Bishop would pay for the paint job himself, and he thinks “he was in the presence of Constable Bishop when he said he would pay for it himself.”

White made the motion to deny the request, and the other three commissioners fell all over each other trying to second it. Commissioner Terry Ross got the credit.

Read more in the weekend edition of the Messenger.

Signing off … until the next agenda.

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