Loss of Dublin DP devastating

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The fact that “Dublin Dr Pepper” will no longer exist is distressful.

There’s no doubt about it: I’m a Pepper. I adore every one of the 23 flavors.

I realize that DP will still exist, and Dr Pepper “sweetened with cane sugar” will still be available. But there was just something about a Dublin DP. It was a treat, and you felt like you were getting something special.

The bottling plant will remain open as Dublin Bottling Works, and it will even continue to bottle other sodas made with cane sugar — just not Dr Pepper. According to stories cited in a TM Daily Post article, much of Dublin’s bottling had been outsourced in recent years, but that doesn’t lessen the severity of the blow for me.

It’s about nostalgia and a Texas tradition. For the town, it’s about their identity. I watched the WFAA story last night, and it truly saddened me to see them cutting the name “Dublin” from the Dr Pepper signs and emptying the shelves of the soda shop.

The distribution of Dublin Dr Pepper was limited and in no way could have had a major financial impact on the Dallas-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group. I wasn’t particularly interested in the Occupy movement, but I’m ready to “occupy” Dublin in the wake of DP/Snapple’s corporate fit.

And I’ve got another bone to pick with the mammoth corporation. Are they going to reimburse me for the Groupon I bought just last week to tour the Dublin DR PEPPER Plant? Of course, I’ll still go tour Dublin Bottling Works to support the company, but the deal was for four admissions to the DP experience and four Frosty Dr Peppers. As for the Dublin memorabilia I wanted to purchase? Forget about it.

I won’t wait for a check, though. I’m sure the $17 reimbursement would wreck their annual financials.

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  1. Alea Pena

    12. Jan, 2012

    Well said!
    It’s so sad when greed for a 1 percent profit margin kills history and a legacy!

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