Green Monday smog

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Today, the second Monday in December, marks Green Monday. In contrast to the crowds and lines and hair pulling and trampling and pepper spraying of Black Friday, Green Monday (see, is the official online shopping day. It’s the last day to guarantee orders made online will arrive in time for Christmas. So it’s just a bunch of pointing and clicking. And the only punching is credit card numbers on keypads.

It’s green because there is no traffic involved to smog up the atmosphere. That’s fitting for Wise County because last Friday the EPA officially recommended that Wise County be lumped into the ozone non-attainment zone, associated with Tarrant and Dallas counties. Our air pollution is as high as downtown Dallas. But while there smog is from cars, they say ours is from industry associated with drilling for natural gas in the Barnett Shale.

It’s ironic that a rural county would have heavy amounts of summer smog associated with urban places like Las Angeles and Houston. It’s also ironic that some of our school districts are considered property rich and have to give some funds back to the state yet some have more than half its students able to qualify for reduced or free lunch.

So point and click. Save yourself a hassle. Find a good deal.  And maybe get our air pollution back in attainment in the process.

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