Tougher environmental regs good for North Texas

Posted on 14. Nov, 2011 by

Lots of politicians and some business owners like to perpetuate the idea that government regulation destroys jobs and curtails job creation. That perception might be more myth than fact.

A study released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that only 0.3 percent of those laid off in the past year was due to “government regulation/intervention.” In contrast, about 25 percent were laid off due to a drop in business demand.

Tougher air quality laws demanded by the EPA have been fought against vehemently by Texas politicians. Even TCEQ has argued against more stringent carbon dioxide rules.

But where rougher regulations might negatively affect one party, others prosper. For instance, the new CO2 rules are leading to the shut down of some ancient coal burning power plants scattered across the country. But sparkling new natural gas fueled power plants will be the replacements. While a few coal miners and coal plants take a step back due to tougher regs, the equation will be balanced by more gas wells drilled into the Barnett Shale to power a new power plant in Ohio. That’s jobs for the drillers and people to operate the new plant. The ultimate outcome is less pollution and the creation of new jobs, sometimes just in slightly different areas.

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