About the Wise County Messenger

The Wise County Messenger was established at Paradise in 1880 and is one of Wise County’s oldest business institutions and its largest newspaper.

The Messenger is recognized as one of the best semi-weekly newspapers in Texas. It has earned the coveted Sweepstakes award from the Texas Press Association Better Newspaper Contest for the past ten years. It is also a consistent Sweepstakes winner in the West Texas and North and East Texas Press Associations contests. In addition, the newspaper has earned several National Newspaper Association awards for excellence.

Paid circulation of the Messenger on Wednesday and Saturday averages 6,000 with All Around Wise, a Total Market Circulation section of an additional 21,845, bringing the total available paid and free mailed circulation on Wednesdays to 27,824.

The Wise County Messenger Update is a free distribution news sheet published Monday through Friday with a county-wide circulation of 4,000. Update contains the latest capsulized local news and is also posted daily on the Messenger website, www.wcmessenger.com. It is the most popular area of the site, as evidenced by 111,549 hits during a recent month.

Because news changes every day, change is a way of life at the Wise County Messenger. Perhaps the biggest change in recent years is the Messenger’s presence on the Internet. The Messenger website is forever a work in progress. It is constantly updated and expanded, changing as technology changes.

WCMessenger.com is a place not only for news and advertising but a place to order photos, watch videos, leave a comment for a friend who has lost a loved one, post family photos, order both printed and digital subscriptions to the newspaper, check the local weather or follow a blog.

When breaking news happens, you can be notified immediately, simply by registering online for the service. A simple click will also allow you to submit a news item or order reprints of a photo you saw in the paper. The Messenger website is also where you can submit a letter to the editor, check the hours and menu of your favorite restaurant, read about points of interest throughout the county or check the grocery specials.

During a recent month, the Messenger website received 102,352 hits. The most popular page is Update, where 111,549 logged on to read the latest news. Sports headlines drew 14,193 visitors in just one month while Classifieds registered 34,652 visitors.

The site is especially busy during football season, when scores are posted during and after games on Friday night, and during the election season, when vote totals are reported as they are being received by the voter registrar.

Meet the staff of the Wise County Messenger:

  • Roy J. Eaton
    President and Publisher
  • Mark Jordan
    Vice President/General Manager
  • Kristen Tribe
  • Brian Knox
    Special Projects Manager
  • Racey Burden
  • Richard Greene
    Sports Editor
  • Joy Carrico
    Newsroom Graphic Artist
  • Joe Duty
  • Mack Thweatt
  • Kristi Bennett
    Business Manager
  • Lisa Davis
    Advertising Manager
  • Lori White
    Advertising Sales
  • Laura Belcher
    Advertising Sales
  • Leisa Gage
    Advertising Sales
  • Donna Bean
  • Todd A. Griffith
    Production Manager/Webmaster
  • Pierre Moua
    Graphic Artist
  • Peter Franco
    Graphic Artist
  • Brenda Jewell
  • Roger Weber
    Subscriber Services
  • Dale Jamison
    Subscriber Services




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