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Always Remember: Bridget Williams

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I was teaching a fifth-grade math class when a parent of a student whose father was a pilot came in to talk to her son. She had received a call from the airline stating the father’s flight had been detoured but they didn’t know where to. He was actually flying to Washington, D.C.

Bridget Williams

Bridget Williams

Upon hearing of this information, I remembered my mother was due to fly to Pennsylvania that morning to meet with my aunt, and both were to catch a flight to Europe. There was no contact made with my mother until after 1 that afternoon.

She was not allowed on the plane but her luggage had already been loaded (funny that I could find out about her luggage but not her).

Anyway, it all turned out OK. Mom was safe, the student’s father was safe, but all of America’s lives were turned upside down!

Bridget Williams, Principal
Alvord Elementary School

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