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Always Remember: Teena Peck

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I remember that day well. I was 22 years old, had only been married for two years and was a mom of my first son, Austin, who was 1, and my second son, Kyle, who was only one month old. My world was all about them.

Teena Peck

Teena Peck

That day I was playing with my sons and watching their shows on the Disney Channel. I had no clue what was even going on until I got the phone call from my husband to tell me what had happened and to turn it to the news channels.

I was shocked that something like that could happen in this country and with me being a new mom it was scary to think what the future could hold after the attacks.

For days all we watched was the news, trying to understand why this had happened and who would have done such a devastating act on America’s people. We watched the heroes and the police and firefighters doing what Americans do, helping others and proving that America is the best place to live and start a family.

We will never forget, and God Bless America.

Teena Peck

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