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Always Remember: Cathy Oates

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On a horrible day on 9/11/2001, the world as we know it suddenly came undone. Some terrorists commanded two planes filled with passengers to fly straight into the twin towers in New York City at 8:36 a.m.

As the skies filled with gray ash, the floors of the buildings started to crumble one by one. Bricks and mortar crashing down on those inside, thousands of lives came to an end that day. Families trying vainly to get in touch by phone, not knowing who or how many had survived.

It would be days before those trapped would be found and rescued. Heros were made that day on the 88th floor, among others. Men were willing to risk their lives to help those still alive.

Forever in our hearts, the infamous memory will burn. But from such tragedy we, as a nation, will have learned to never more take life for granted, not even for a day. In my mind, I say we were victorious because we pulled together, and rose again from the ash that day.

Cathy Oates

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