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Always Remember: Nathan L. Horner

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I was at work when one of my friends from the front office brought a picture off the web of the first plane hitting the tower. I was passing it around the shop when we heard the second plane hit the tower, and then everybody in the plant started to get worried.

As the day progressed and news broke of the other planes crashing, it really got bad.

When I got off work and got home I could not do anything but worry and wish I could do something. I work at a company that builds gas and welding apparatus. That is when I decided I would go back to work, and I built some fixtures to machine some extra-long cutting torches that we would send to the Twin Towers for the rescuers to use to cut the beams out of the way.

These torches were about 30 feet long so the rescuers could stand on one level and be able to cut the beams on a lower level.

That was my contribution to the event, and it made me feel like I had least helped in some way.

Nathan L. Horner

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