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Always Remember: Amy Cromer

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I will always remember where I was on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Amy Cromer

Amy Cromer

I took the short drive to drop my daughter off at her kindergarten class at Seven Hills Elementary. She had to be there by 8:50 a.m. I came back to my home in Newark to finish getting ready for my part-time job at the Newark Public Library. When I walked in the door my husband was there with the TV on, and the first plane had hit one of the towers while I had been gone.

It was a feeling of confusion because the world didn’t know what had taken place. We could only hope that it was some sort of horrible accident.

Within minutes as we watched, the second plane hit the South Tower. As the terror played out, we knew it was much more than an accident. It left me with a feeling of vulnerability and fear as I watched the events unfold. Within the hour we saw the South Tower collapse and the flight that crashed into the Pentagon.

When I arrived at the library that morning, we pushed the television out into the breezeway to try and get reception of the coverage. It was a day of fear and confusion. I can remember a mother from my daughter’s kindergarten class asking me if she should pick up her child from school.

That day brought so much into perspective. That day made you want to hold your loved ones a little tighter.

Amy Cromer

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