Richardson battles injury: Boyd senior advances to regionals

By Reece Waddell | Published Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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Keeping pace

KEEPING PACE – Boyd’s Connor Richardson crosses the finish line during the 1,600 at Monday’s 3A Region I area meet. Richardson clocked a 4:44.79 to take second-place and advance to regionals. Messenger photo by Mack Thweatt

After setting a school record in the 3,200 last week at the District 7-3A meet, Boyd’s Connor Richardson began to experience pain in his ankle.

The senior ran a 10:03.11 to claim the 7-3A title, but missed a week of training leading up to the 3A Region I 7/8 area championships Monday night in Jacksboro.

“I was just kind of sluggish,” Richardson said. “I just came out and said ‘let’s qualify.’ It was a bad week.”

Richardson ran nearly one minute slower at the area meet, clocking an 11:01.54 to finish third and advance to regionals.

“I’ll be good by regionals – back up and running where I was,” Richardson said, “We’ve got a good 10 days.”

The Yellowjackets’ top distance runner was more competitive in the 1,600, leading for the first two laps.

Although he lost his lead to Peaster’s Brice Hardin, Richardson finished in 4:44.79 for second – three seconds faster than his time at the 7-3A championships.

“The two-mile hit me really hard,” Richardson said. “But it kind of helped me in the mile. It woke my legs up.”

Richardson and the Boyd cross country team have qualified for state each of the past two years, but Richardson has never advanced to Austin in track.

Photo finish

PHOTO FINISH – Paradise’s Dakota Dillard (right) battles with City View’s Javon Jones in the 100 at the 3A Region I area championships Monday in Jacksboro. Dillard posted an 11.17 to take silver. Messenger photo by Mack Thweatt

“I’ve got one more round,” Richardson said. “It would mean the world. After three years of being at regionals, it’s just regionals. I feel like I’ve put in the work to get to the next step. It just depends on who runs best that day. You’ve got to tip your hat to whoever is going.”

The 3A Region I championships are April 25-27 at Abilene Christian University.


Boyd’s Allen Gaught needed a minute to catch his breath after crossing the finish line in the 200.

The junior ran a 23.24 to take gold, but said running against the wind was a tall task.

“It’s horrible,” Gaught said. “It was my first time running against it this year and it was strong.”

The trip to regionals is Gaught’s first. It is also his first year running the 200.

His time of 22.50 at the 7-3A championships ranks second in 3A Region I.

“If I run my best time, I think I have a chance [to get to state],” Gaught said.


Paradise’s Bonner Brackeen had some trouble early in the 110 hurdles.

“I kind of freaked out when I tripped on that first hurdle,” Brackeen said. “I was in a little bit of a bind.”

After winning the 7-3A title last week, Brackeen conceded he was not used to trailing in the race.

“[The 110’s] was the worst I’ve run this year,” Brackeen said. “I’ve never been in second place this entire year.”

Behind a strong finish, Brackeen rallied to take third, turning in a 15.34 to advance to regionals.

He posted a 41.47 in the 300 hurdles to advance.

Brackeen moved on to regionals last year and finished fourth in the 110.

“I hope I can go out there and do better than I did last year, and do better than I did here, for sure,” Brackeen said. “Otherwise I won’t be going anywhere.”


As the wind howled in Jacksboro leaving some gasping for air, Boyd’s Tania Ramirez continued to dazzle in the distance events.

The Boyd freshman took second in the 3,200 in 12:30.11. She set a personal record in the 1,600 to finish third in 5:35.81.

Ramirez advanced to regionals in both events.

“I think she did really well,” said Boyd coach Oscar Hernandez. “She set a personal record by five seconds, and in this wind, that’s really good. I don’t know if I know what her ceiling is.”


Paradise’s Dakota Dillard and City View’s Javon Jones entered the home stretch of the 100 neck-and-neck.

As they approached the finish, Jones lunged forward to take gold, finishing 0.02 seconds ahead of Dillard. The junior advanced to regionals, garnering silver with an 11.17.

“It means the world,” Dillard said. “I want to thank my mom and dad, grandparents, all the coaches and my teammates who have supported me up to this moment.”


Paradise’s Wyatt Reeves finished fourth in the pole vault, moving on to regionals after clearing 12-6.

In the girls 100 hurdles, Boyd’s Abby Taylor took fourth with a 16.92. Taylor advanced despite battling a nagging quadricep strain.

Paradise’s 4×400 relay team of Maddie Mitschke, Mia Caddell, Kyndel Beck and Kaycee Martin clocked a 4:17.81 to finish third and advance.

In the 1,600 and 3,200, Paradise’s Jana Messenger advanced to regionals. Messenger took fourth in both events, posting times of 5:58.95 and 13:20.25, respectively.



Team standings: 1. Brock 101.5; 2. Bowie 73; 3.Breckenridge 70; 4. Childress 69; 5. City View 62.5; 6. Henrietta 41; 7. Boyd 38; 8t. Peaster and Jacksboro, 36; 10. Tolar 27; 11. Paradise 25; 12. Holliday 23; 13. Millsap 10; 14. Nocona 8.

Pole vault: 1. Braden Campbell, Breckenridge, 14-6; 2. Christopher Otts, Breckenridge, 14-6; 3. Wesley Miller, Tolar, 14-0; 4. Wyatt Reeves, Paradise, 12-6

3,200: 1. Brice Hardin, Peaster, 10:26.69; 2. Peyton Murley, Brock, 10:44.75; 3. Connor Richardson, Boyd, 11:01.54; 4. Noah Richardson, Boyd, 11:12.70;

110 hurdles: 1. A.J. Craddock, Bowie, 15.07; 2. Brett Jackson, Tolar, 15.30; 3. Bonner Brackeen, Paradise, 15.34; 4. Braden Campbell, Breckenridge, 15.46; 5. Jared Cummins, Childress, 15.74; 6. Joey Crawford, Bowie, 15.82; 8. Lane Foster, Childress, 16.98.

100: 1. Javon Jones, City View, 11.15; 2. Dakota Dillard, Paradise 11.17; 3. Cash Jones, Brock, 11.37; 4. Corbin Cody, Henrietta, 11.39; 6. Luke Latimer, Childress, 11.66; 8. Tyqwan Muhammad, City View, 12.09.

300 hurdles: 1. Jared Cummins, Childress, 40.85; 2. Brett Jackson, Tolar, 40.97; 3. Joey Crawford, Bowie, 41.32; 4. Bonner Brackeen, Paradise, 41.47; 5. Daniel Wimberley, Henrietta, 41.67; 8. Lane Foster, Childress, 45.76.

200: 1. Allen Gaught, Boyd, 23.24; 2. Luther Bryant, City View, 23.36; 3. Daniel Mosley, Bowie, 23.62; 4. Luke Dillingham, Brock, 23.66;

1,600: 1. Brice Hardin, Peaster, 4:39.19; 2. Connor Richardson, Boyd, 4:44.79; 3. Peyton Murley, Brock, 4:47.17; 4. Alex Shelton, Bowie, 4:58.13; 6. Cesar Oronia-Lim, Childress, 5:06.26; 7. Ingalls, City View, 5:18.47; 8. Logan Swistak, Holliday, 5:25.27.


Team standings: 1. Brock 112; 2. Breckenridge 107; 3. Bowie 71; 4. Holliday 57; 5. Henrietta 52; 6. Peaster 39; 7. Childress 34; 8t. Jacksboro and City View, 26; 10. Millsap 25; 11. Paradise 22; 12. Boyd 20; 13. Nocona 16; 14. Tolar 13.

3,200: 1. Hannah Spears, Holliday, 12:05.89; 2. Tania Ramirez, Boyd, 12:30.11; 3. Kylie Rose, Nocona, 12:42.62; 4. Jana Messenger, Paradise, 13:20.25; 6. Claudia Espinoza, Nocona, 13:45.29; 8. Madilyn Ferguson, Nocona, 14:09.62.

100 hurdles: 1. Abby Zamzow, Bowie, 16.03; 2. Sydney Teskey, Brock, 16.14; 3. Kimora Carter, Henrietta, 16.51; 4. Abby Taylor, Boyd, 16.92; 5. Caroline McDonnell, Henrietta, 16.99; 8. Natalie Doyle, Holliday, 17.89.

1,600: 1. Hannah Spears, Holliday, 5:28.60; 2. Emily Longoria, Henrietta, 5:32.63; 3. Tania Ramirez, Boyd, 5:35.81; 4. Jana Messenger, Paradise, 5:58.95; 6. Ainsley Seigler, Holliday, 6:16.18; 8. Grayson Cuba, Holliday, 6:27.33.

1,600 relay: 1. Brock 4:11.27; 2. Breckenridge 4:16.19; 3. Paradise 4:17.81; 4. Holliday 4:17.90; 5. Childress 4L19.30; 7. Bowie 4:38.92; 8. Nocona 4:43.14.

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