Taxation without representation

By Maritha Gan | Published Saturday, May 4, 2019

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Here I am having to go in the sixth time to the Wise County Appraisal District to protest exorbitant taxation without representation.

My 1930s bungalow in Wise County, Texas, went up a whopping $66,380 from last year’s rise of $48,000. This is beyond ridiculous. I originally bought the house at $92,500 15 years ago and it is now appraised at $227,830. Give me a break, man!

These local government agencies are violating the Texas Constitution and the Constitution of the U.S. These are taxes on unrealized capital gains. Appraisal districts are demanding you pay property taxes on mythical money you don’t own. This is a legal fallacy, and you can’t tax people on what isn’t in their pockets!

You may have heard unrealized capital gains and losses referred to as paper gains or losses. Since you never realize these gains, they remain real only on paper. You do not have to report unrealized capital gains or losses to the IRS since you have no profit, essentially a form of taxable income, to report. That is from the IRS website.

Why these taxes are illegal is because the laws say all taxation of individuals must be by either census or enumeration, which means that each person must be levied the same amount without exception! So if I pay $10, you pay $10. The veteran down the street in the wheelchair pays $10, and so do all your children! If you look at just your surrounding neighbors’ tax rates, they are all calculated differently. This is not what our founders intended.

The Texas Constitution, Article 8, Section 1-a states six times this is a donation. In reality, this tax protest is nothing more than rent negotiation with an illegal taxing authority based upon violations of the Constitution of the United States, which constitutes fraud on the American People through manipulation of non-existent numbers on unrealized capital gains.

See Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 and Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4 and Article 6, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution and Article 8, Section 1-a of the Texas Constitution.

Now ask yourself, if this is a donation maybe this is why there are no dollar signs located on your “Appraised Value Statement”? Hmmm? You mean I can pay this in Mexican pesos or Iraqi dinar or Vietnamese dong. Maybe there are no dollar signs because it would make the entire document illegal because it would reveal that this document is a voluntary contribution?

Do you see the slight-of-hand going on here? We are being extorted through illegal manipulation of numbers on our very homes!

Maritha Gan

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