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By Shannon Johnson | Published Saturday, April 20, 2019

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Dear friends of Decatur,

We have had wonderful success with our athletic teams, extra-curricular activities, UIL competitions, band, ag, CTE, and multiple other areas in DISD.

With school board elections coming soon, it is my hope that this spurs a feeling of true community, authenticity, and transparency. As a proud and dedicated employee of DISD for years who loved my job and the staff and students I was blessed to work with, I long to see this district reunite and become more collaborative and effective. Please join me in praying for and getting to know each of the candidates and what they represent and why. Please don’t solely rely on what others have told you or who you know.

Everyone running is a great person. But are they an objective, transparent and strong leader who will be willing to take a stand for our students, staff, and stakeholders as a whole? This shouldn’t be a popularity contest, or just vote for who you know. I like all the families represented and appreciate those individuals brave enough to run for a volatile, volunteer position.

My choice will be based on truth and personal experience. I will vote for the candidates most willing to be open, objective, honest, fiscally responsible, unbiased, above the table in their actions and leadership and truly listening to their stakeholders. Our students, staff and district need your educated vote.

Praying for our district and community,

Shannon Johnson

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