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By Wade Watson | Published Saturday, April 27, 2019

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To the DISD voters and stakeholders,

I have served the past six years on the DISD board of trustees, and I have a unique perspective on the gravity of the upcoming school board election. I care greatly about this community, our district and its stakeholders. I believe this election is critical for the future of our district.

This past year has seen much controversy, division and chaos in our district. Much of this conflict has been between our superintendent and some members of our board of trustees, myself included.

What caused all of this? Simply stated: it was a breakdown of trust! This lack of trust between some members of the board of trustees and the superintendent continues to be the overarching issue that has yet to be resolved. In my opinion, this was caused by a lack of leadership, transparency and honesty by the most senior leader of our district, and those issues still exist. It is the board’s duty to hold the superintendent accountable, and I believe as a board we have failed to uphold our duty.

Of course, it is important to support and be positive when it is warranted, and I believe there have been times we have unanimously done just that. But it is just as important not to rubber stamp poor decisions that ultimately affect the climate, culture and working environment of district employees, students and taxpayer dollars due to ineffective leadership.

A great leader seeks to communicate and understand when there are differing opinions. That has not happened in DISD.

Unfortunately, there remains a fundamental difference of opinion between several members of the board of trustees regarding the direction the district is headed and the leadership ability of the superintendent.

I encourage you to listen to the people that work in the district on a daily basis. They know better than anyone how things are going! Unfortunately, many will be hesitant to speak up for fear of the retaliation they have witnessed in the past.

Strong board leadership is needed on the DISD board of trustees in order to get the district headed in a positive direction. I believe Thomas Houchin, Place 1, and Chris Lowery, Place 2, are the candidates that can be the strong leaders that are needed in this critical time in the life of DISD. Do your homework, listen and go vote!

God Bless,
Wade Watson

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