Appraisals getting out of hand

By Ronald Willis | Published Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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In the April 27 Messenger, a front page story stated home values jumped 8.7 percent and the average in Decatur and Paradise jumped nearly $20,000. Mine jumped $21,440. How many more citizens’ jumped more than $20,000?

In the May 4 issue, the article on Page 9A states that real estate values offset heavy losses in mineral values.

Look at your 2019 notice of appraised value and try to understand it. The way they evaluate it changes year to year.

The April 27 Messenger Page 2A states that 4,600 protested last year. How many couldn’t because they are senior citizens and can’t for many reasons.

I allowed a 100-foot tower on my 3.75 acres to save money and my property value went up. There is less land for improvement but that doesn’t matter. Property valuations are open public records. Go check and ask questions. It is getting out of hand.

Ronald Willis

One Response to “Appraisals getting out of hand”

  1. Maritha Gan says:

    My appraised value went up over $66,000 this past year and the year before was $48,000 + in 2017…but my neighbor bought their land and mobile home for 99,500 in 2017 and it went up, are you ready for this? $179,000!!!!! in one year. They put on a roof for the double wide and have it still under construction…they only moved into it in 2019 with several rooms still under construction…and when the “Appraisal Statement” came in, well you can just imagine the shock and disappointment they had when they realized that Wise County Local Government is CORRUPTED! Texas Property Code says no more than 10% rise a year…what the heck do you call this? ROBBERY UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW is what you call it!


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