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By Messenger Staff | Published Wednesday, May 1, 2019
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Dear Chico residents and Wise County,

Don’t forget to vote in your local election!

I, Rick Bowling, am running for mayor of Chico. I would like to take this opportunity to share some things about myself.

I was born and raised in Decatur. My parents were L.L. and Isabelle Bowling.

I attended school in Decatur and Arlington Baptist College. I am retired from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Division in Fort Worth. I worked as an hourly employee as well as supervisor over a crew of around 30. This gives me skills for leadership, problem solving and overseeing projects. I earned the respect of my crew and have heard from many of them wishing me well and giving me their moral support.

In 1967, I met Helen Sharp and hence my love for Chico. I spent a lot of time in Chico making new friends. In June, we will celebrate 50 years of marriage.

We have a son, Scott Bowling, a daughter, Jennifer Wood and a granddaughter Savannah Bowling.

I am a past member of the Jaycees, volunteer for Wise County Committee on Aging fundraising events, on the board of directors for Bluett Community Center, board of directors for Fairview Cemetery Association and taught Sunday school for junior high boys at the former Fundamental Baptist Church of Decatur.

I have served on the city council for two years, and I am a member of Chico Chamber of Commerce. Since retirement, I feel I now have time to devote my full attention to the office of mayor.

We have a great little city, and I want to see it flourish and still keep our small town values.

I want to be a working mayor. When I became a council member, I took the time to see the sewer and water treatment plant and what is done there every day to make sure we met standards and have safe water to drink. I will learn and attend classes to be able to fill in for employees when the city crew is short handed.

I fully support the youth of Chico, activities for them, schools, fire department, parks, library and our businesses. I will do whatever I can to encourage new businesses to come to Chico. It would be great to see Chico’s square alive once again!

I will periodically have town hall meetings to hear concerns, ideas and input from our citizens. I am and will be an open book. I am willing to answer any questions about my views and how I have voted on city issues. You can get my contact information at Chico City Hall.

It will be a pleasure and honor to be your mayor, working for the good of every citizen and promoting one of the best the little towns in Wise County!


Rick Bowling

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