Embracing change: Messenger debuts new weekly features

By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, February 2, 2019
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A quote I’ve embraced over nearly two decades in this career is “the only constant in life is change.”

It took a Google search to realize that Greek philosopher Heraclitus was the originator of the phrase, urging us to embrace change.

Richard Greene

As you thumb through this issue of the Messenger, you will notice that we are embracing change with several new features in our never-ending attempt to better inform and serve our readers.

Last January, Messenger Publisher Kristen Tribe debuted her column “Taking Care of Business.” We soon found out how popular it was as she was stopped by a reader and referred to as the “Chicken Lady” because of her weekly update about Chick-fil-A. I’m still hoping her column one day lands me a No. 1.

We are now debuting a couple of new columns in other sections of the paper, capitalizing on the talents of our staff. It will also give us another chance to tackle a few items that may have otherwise fallen through the cracks.

Brian Knox has covered the county for almost 20 years. Over the past several years, he’s been our expert in the courtroom, covering trials. He’s authored many brilliant columns following trials, tackling several issues that were brought to light. He’s also compiles our weekly crime report and follows up on many of our breaking crime stories. Taking advantage of his expertise, he will now be penning a weekly column on goings-on at the courthouse and with law enforcement.

In July, we added Austin Jackson to our staff. During the past seven months, he’s written several compelling human interest stories. Additionally, he’s taking on a new task of writing a column for our Lifestyle section that could include arts, entertainment or other fun human interest stories.

Here on page 2, you will find my column, which in future weeks will pay homage to an old Messenger staple “Wise or Otherwise” as a letter from the editor.

Accompanying it will be another feature I’m excited about “All the Wiser” written by Joy Burgess-Carrico. Over the past year since we debuted the History page, Burgess-Carrico has proven to be quite the sleuth, digging through documents and archives to find information. She will now put her talents to use for you, our readers, finding answers to your curious questions about landmarks, names and the history of people and places in Wise County.

Along with these new features, we remain committed to providing the most accurate and current information about our county. We will also still share our opinion when it is needed.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and feel free to reach out to any of us with ideas. Thanks for reading.

Richard Greene is the editor of the Messenger.

One Response to “Embracing change: Messenger debuts new weekly features”

  1. Heraclitus wasn’t “urging us to embrace change.”
    That’s merely your lefty interpretation.
    His “quote” was simply an observation, a philosophy, about life.
    Take it or leave it. No value judgement either way.

    (Btw – some think change is the only constant in life.
    Some don’t.)


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