Wise As It Was for Saturday, March 2, 2019

By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, March 2, 2019

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From March 2, 1894

Judge Patterson heard the application for an injunction asking that the saloon men in Sunset be restricted from selling intoxicating liquors, alleging that Sunset is in Wise County Precinct No. 2, where local option is in force. The order was made, … after hearing the evidence being of the opinion that Sunset is in Wise County. The saloon men and citizens of Sunset are annoyed over the matter, owing to the uncertainty of the boundaries.


From Feb. 28, 1919

Reports from France are that the ninetieth division will be sent home some time in June. Most of Wise County’s national army men are in this division.

Decatur should get ready for the big oil boom which is coming when oil wells come in on the Valley View, Preskitt and Sweetwater locations. A new hotel and sidewalks all over town, with the streets in good condition – these are things which must be done.


From March 2, 1944
What your used fats mean to the front

Used fats and greases contain approximately 10 percent glycerine. Glycerine is a basic element of many explosives. The glycerine in one pound of waste kitchen fat will make 1 1/2 pounds of smokeless powder.

You, Mrs. Homemaker, your meat dealer, the renderer and the glycerine manufacturer are a team. A team of which you, in your kitchen, are the most important member.

Strain your used kitchen fats and greases into a clean, smooth-edged can and take it to either of these stores: Parr Crol, Allread Market, Clover Farm, Rosenburg, Robertson, Sam Renshaw, W.B. Washburn and A. & P. Gro.

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