The GOAT: Moon wins fifth costume contest

By Austin Jackson | Published Saturday, January 26, 2019
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Kidding Around

KIDDING AROUND – Paradise freshman Lauren Moon, 14, hangs out with her dairy goat, Taylan, outside her home in Paradise Thursday. Last Saturday, Moon won the goat costume contest at the Fort Worth Stock Show for the fifth time. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

Tom Brady all but sealed Greatest Of All Time status Sunday as he marched the Patriots offense down the field in overtime to defeat the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game for his ninth Super Bowl appearance.

Twenty-four hours earlier at the Fort Worth Stock Show, a Paradise teen wearing a throwback uniform might have upstaged the quarterback, throwing her name into contention as the GOAT of the goat costume contest.

Lauren Moon, 14, dressed as Rose from the 1999 film Titanic, trotted her ornery goat fitted with the ill-fated boat costume on its back to the main stage. They didn’t sink.

Goat Boat

GOAT BOAT – Paradise freshman Lauren Moon, 14, won grand champion of the goat-costume contest at the Fort Worth Stock Show for the fifth time in six years. The win with her Titanic-themed goat, Daisy, was Moon’s third straight. Submitted photo

Despite the dairy goat’s rebellion, which led to a pitch-perfect break in the bow and stern of its ship costume, Moon won grand champion of the contest for the fifth time in six years.

Moon said the impromptu rendition of hitting an iceberg by her goat Daisy made her third straight victory of the contest all the more memorable.

“In previous years, it was pretty easy, but this year was not ” Moon said. “I had to pull her up and she jumped and made it look like it was breaking like the actual ship. When we got out there, she tried to jump again and it looked like she was hitting waves. She had her own personal thoughts.”

Moon said she and her family have dedicated hundreds of hours into upping their game.

Daisy’s Titanic smokestacks were filled with dry ice to add a visual effect to the costume. Moon said the key to victory has been focusing on beating their past entries more than beating the competition.

“It’s getting difficult to one-up ourselves every year, really difficult,” Moon said. “We were struggling, but this year we ended up pulling one out.”

In previous years, Moon has dressed her goat as the Millenium Falcon from “Star Wars,” the “Back to the Future” Delorean, Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” a Ghostbuster and the Ghostbusters’ hearse, and as Maverick and an F-14 fighter jet from “Top Gun.”

The winning costume for 2020 is already in the works, but it’s top secret.

“We keep it on the downlow,” Moon said.

Despite the light-hearted nature of the contest, each costume has reflected something important to Moon. Elements of the costume have meant something near and dear to her heart, with subtle tributes to her family.

Her family has been with her along the way. When her uncle and grandfather died, she used her costumes as tributes.

“In previous years, my grandfather has always been there for me. It was something he was always there for, but he passed away,” Moon said. “The year after he passed away, I did it. The next year, my uncle passed away. He was a sailor and dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow. He was awesome and my aunt let me use his uniform for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.”

“The last couple of years have always been for somebody. It’s like they’re there with me.”

Moon and her family will return next year, she said. Her brother, Dakota, is already workshopping ideas. Her mother, Jennifer is already thinking of touches to put the costume over the top and her father, Monty, is ready to get rowdy again.

It’s all about family. The Moon winning recipe for this GOAT.

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