Shelter damaged, 21 dogs displaced following storm

By Austin Jackson | Published Wednesday, March 13, 2019.
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Following thunderstorms and howling winds, the staff at Apollo Support & Rescue came to work Wednesday morning to a scary scene.

After winds that exceeded 60 mph in the area, a unit of the shelter housing 21 dogs was pushed several feet, severing the plumbing to the unit and leaving a huge mess.

Volunteer James Milligan comforts a dog following the damage to Apollo Support and Rescue in Justin Wednesday. Photo by Austin Jackson

“All of our kennels looked like someone just smashed them,” ASR Founder and Director Danielle Stewart said. “They were all the way in the field. Some were in the trees.”

The damage impacted both structures, pushing both the units off of the ground.

Luckily, none of the dogs at the no-kill shelter in Justin were injured and the scared dogs facing the day without a roof soon found plenty of love from volunteers and staff.

ASR Director Catherine Dennis, was staying overnight on the property when the storms swept through the shelter.

“It started pouring really hard and I moved out of my bedroom because I was scared stuff from the barn was going to fly through the walls,” Dennis said. “My space is not anchored down. It was shaking and I felt like I was having a heart attack. I didn’t see stuff flying around. It was quite a surprise when I walked out the door [and saw the damage]. I think the wind just missed me.”

Dennis was the first on the scene and quickly got the word out to the staff and to social media.

Following her post, volunteers stepped in to offer their help, assisting with plumbing, glass, bulldozers, and ear scratches.

“We’ve had tremendous amount of volunteers come out,” Stewart said. “We’ve been so blessed. People just came running. It’s amazing.”

Volunteers work to stabilize a unit of the Apollo Support and Rescue animal shelter that was damaged by 60 mph winds early Wednesday morning. Photo by Austin Jackson

Stewart said the best way to help currently is with manpower and monetary donations, since a lot of the repairs involve construction parts.

The shelter houses 100 dogs that are up for adoption, of which 21 are currently without a structure.

She added that straw and gravel will be a large help due to the muddy mess from the rain.

The shelter is located at 1170 Dove Hill Rd in Justin. For more information on how to help, you can reach the shelter at, or email










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