Greyhounds win 12th straight academic title

By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, March 30, 2019
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Slidell High School added another district sweepstakes trophy to the case this week.

Slidell captured the District 22-A title in impressive fashion, piling up 671 points. Second-place Bellevue had 292. It is the school’s 12th straight district title.

Slidell competitors won 14 individual competitions. The school also added team titles in accounting, computer science, journalism, science, social studies, speech and one-act play.

Ashton Champagne won gold medals in biology, science and physics to lead the science team to a title.

Bailey Meyer took first in news and editorial writing. Brady Vanover won current issues and persuasive speaking.

Easton Vanover garnered first in accounting as Slidell took the top four spots. Dusty Davis led a first through fourth finish in computer science.

Ema Howerton took the district title in feature writing. Bailey Keating was the top competitor in informative speaking. James Hunter won poetry and Ben McCasland social studies.

Accounting: Team: 1. Slidell; Individual: 1. Easton Vanover, 2. Dusty Davis, 3. Warren Johnson, 4. Lander Allgood

Calculator applications: Team: 2. Slidell; Individual: 5. Adriana DeLuna, 6. Jaden Coston

Current issues: Team: 2. Slidell; Individual: 1. Brady Vanover, 3. Ben McCasland, 6. Jerl McCasland

Computer applications: 1. Warren Johnson, 2. Tristyn Talamantes, 3. Callie Paris

Computer science: Team: 1. Slidell; Individual: 1. Dusty Davis, 2. Warren Johnson, 3. Easton Vanover, 4. Ashton Champagne

Journalism: Team: 1. Slidell

Editorial writing: 1. Bailey Meyer, 2. Kaitlyn Reynolds, 3. Ema Howerton

Feature writing: 1. Ema Howerton, 2. Kaitlyn Reynolds, 5. Landry Shelton

Headline writing: 2. Ellison Jayden, 6. Lander Allgood

News writing: 1. Bailey Meyer, 2. Jaden Coston

Informative speaking: 1. Bailey Keating, 2. Tyler Pruett

Literary criticism: Team: 1. Slidell; Individual: 3. James Hunter, 4. Jayden Ellison, 5. Landry Shelton

Mathematics: Team: 2. Slidell; Individual: 4. Bailey Meyer, 5. Tristyn Talamantes

Number sense: Team: 2. Slidell; Individual: 5. Easton Vanover, 6. Jaden Coston

Persuasive speaking: 1. Brady Vanover

Poetry interpretation: 1. James Hunter, 2. Ashley Mayabb, 3. Kristal Gladden

Prose interpretation: 2. Bailey Keating, 3. Madison Meyer

Science: Team: 1. Slidell

Biology: 1. Ashton Champagne

Science: 1. Ashton Champagne, 4. Collin Richards

Physics: 1. Ashton Champagne

Social studies: Team: 1. Slidell; Individual: 1. Ben McCasland, 2. Jerl McCasland, 6. Dylan Larkins

Spelling and vocabulary: 2. James Hunter

One-act play: 1. Slidell

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