City of Boyd to spend $780K on equipment

By Richard Greene | Published Saturday, March 23, 2019
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During discussion on purchasing more than three-quarters of $1 million in equipment for the street, water and parks departments Tuesday, Boyd Mayor Rodney Holmes reminded the city council of the city’s motto.

“Our motto is that Boyd will be a self-sustaining city,” Holmes said.

A few minutes later, the council approved the request by Director of Public Services Dwayne Taylor to purchase $780,000 in equipment for the three departments.

“Usually I’m not nervous talking to you, but I’m asking you for a tremendous amount of money,” Taylor said. “That’s what it is, a tremendous amount of money.”

A previous request by Taylor to purchase equipment was approved in August but later put on hold as the city worked through an audit. He returned this week with a new request and a 12-year financing plan.

“It gave me another six months in the field working with the guys and seeing what our needs are,” Taylor said about the delay.

Street equipment led the requests with Taylor seeking to purchase a roller; skidsteer; paver; Bobcat attachments, including a planer and sweeper; asphalt reclaimer and infrared heater; road sealer; crack sealer; and striping machine. The cost of the street equipment was $369,073.

“A lot of the things that have come up are the condition of our streets,” Taylor said.

He said the equipment would allow the city to handle many projects rather than hiring contractors.

“If we can do most of the work in-house, then all we’re talking about is materials to get that job done versus having to contract someone to do it,” Taylor said. “We’re paying staff already; every day they are here we are paying them. In my opinion, it’s a lot better if we can have them do that work instead of having to pay our staff and on top of that having to sub out specialized jobs.”

The city had $90,000 budgeted for street work this year. Using $35,756 for payment on the equipment, Taylor pointed out it would leave $54,243 for the purchase of raw materials.

Holmes said this will be more cost effective doing the work in-house.

“We did one little street down here, probably not even 100 yards long and had it overlaid, and it cost us $35,000,” Holmes said. “Our budget for the year is $90,000. We can’t be using contractors. We got multiple bids, and that was the best bid we got. We can’t fix any roads with a $90,000 budget. This will allow us to have our own equipment and be able to repair them ourselves.”

The council approved purchasing a dump truck, two Ford F350 diesel trucks, vacuum excavator, 800-gallon water tanker, 24-foot enclosed jobsite trailer, 24-foot equipment trailer and trench roller for the water department. The price tag for the water department equipment topped out at $348,034.

The annual cost for the water department is $33,419 to be pulled out of the department’s reserves. The city projected $100,000 to go into its reserves this year.

For the parks department, an all-terrain vehicle, compact tractor, zero-turn mower, mosquito fogger and 24-foot trailer were approved. The estimated cost of the equipment is $69,000.

The annual cost for the parks department is $6,750. The department’s budget this year is $20,000, leaving $13,250 for materials.

“We have more work than we can do, but this will allow us to finish the work we have,” Taylor said.

He hopes to start purchasing the equipment in May after getting the financing approved. Council members asked him to make sure there are no penalties for paying off the loans early.

Holmes expects as the city and sales taxes grow, it will be able to retire the debt sooner.

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