Charges against Davis dropped: Former police chief surrenders license in plea

By Brian Knox | Published Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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The remaining criminal charges on a former Rhome police chief have been dropped by prosecutors.

According to district court records, prosecutors with the Office of Attorney General for Texas Dec. 4 filed a motion to dismiss a third degree felony charge of stalking, a Class B misdemeanor charge of terroristic threat causes fear of imminent serious bodily injury and a Class A misdemeanor of official oppression against former Rhome police chief Brandon Davis.

The court records indicate the dismissal of the charges was part of a plea bargain with Davis. The order to dismiss the charges was signed the next day, Dec. 5, by 271st District Court Judge Brock Smith.

The local court records did not indicate the details of the plea bargain.

On Dec. 20, the Wise County Messenger contacted the OAG’s office to find out details of the plea bargain and followed up with an open records request the following week.

On Jan. 7, the OAG’s public information coordinator’s office responded to the Messenger’s request by saying it had reviewed its files and had no information responsive to the request. “The parties agreed to the terms of the plea bargain orally,” according to the OAG’s response.

The only details of the plea bargain could be found in a civil case filed by Davis, in which he was seeking to permanently remove criminal information related to the charges from his record. That motion for expunction was filed last August, and prosecutors initially objected to the motion. However, after the plea agreement was reached in the criminal case, prosecutors dropped their objection.

A filing in that case Dec. 20 mentions the plea agreement.

“As part of the plea deal Brandon Davis surrendered his peace officer license and the State has dismissed all remaining charges in Cause No. CR 19416,” District Attorney Pro Tem Raegan Lambert with the OAG’s criminal prosecutions division wrote in the court filing, explaining that the state now believes Davis is eligible for expunction of his criminal record.

Davis was arrested in October of 2016 following a multi-count indictment that included stalking, terroristic threat and official oppression, all related to his position as police chief.

Because of his law enforcement position, the OAG’s office investigated the case and presented the case to a Wise County grand jury.

The original case was split into two separate cases, and Davis was found not guilty by a Wise County jury in December of 2017 on two counts of official oppression that stemmed from Davis’ removal of two citizens from a Rhome City Council meeting in September of 2015.

The other charges had been pending in a separate case since that time until they were dropped last month.

One Response to “Charges against Davis dropped: Former police chief surrenders license in plea”

  1. Maritha Gan says:

    This all was a big calamity to make sure he wasn’t elected. This was some underhanded shenanigans to keep him away from becoming a Wise County Sheriff who would have been a fine CONSTITUTIONAL Sheriff…of which we are in short supply. I, for one, am sorry that he had to go through this gauntlet of unwarranted accusations, he wasn’t the first and he darn sure won’t be the last. They are crazy with power. Love how they throw around “terroristic threat” to bring in the illegal Patriot Act which is against the U.S. Constitution. Oh the games they play with their codes, statutes, regulations, rules, policies, petitions, proclamations, acts, declarations and session laws…all of which are subordinate to the Constitution of the U.S. and the Texas Constitution. Some day they will get a petition of remonstrance and that will get their goat! Hope your life in the future will shine bright Brandon. Turning in your badge can be considered a good thing, believe me, I know!


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