Track: Lady Eagles finish third at area meet

By Reece Waddell | Published Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Moving On

MOVING ON – Decatur’s 4×100 team of Autumn Finney, Kallie Boner, Mallory Downe and Macy Downe accept their medals. The quartet finished fourth and will advance to regionals. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

When Mackenzie Whitaker took the baton on the last lap of the 4×400, Decatur was on the verge of not medaling. But in less than a minute, Whitaker overtook Carrolton Ranchview and Dallas Lincoln runners to send the Lady Eagles home on a high note.

Decatur ended the afternoon in third place with 99 points.

“In track, you can’t do anything about other people, but you can [control] what you do,” said Decatur coach David Park. “Given the wind conditions, I thought the kids competed exceptionally [well]. We set a season’s-best in the 4×400. We got a lot of kids going to regionals, and we’ll go out there and see how it goes.”


Last year at the area meet, Bridgeport junior Morgen Davidson had a lead in the 100 hurdles. As she neared the finish line, Davidson was hit by the runner to her left, knocking her off-balance.

Davidson wound up finishing fifth, missing out on the regional meet.

On Wednesday, Davidson made amends for the mishap, winning the area title in the 100 hurdles. She clocked a 15.65 to take home the gold.

“I feel pretty good, coming back from last year after I got hit and redeeming myself,” Davidson said.

Bridgeport coach Bradan Ritchey said Davidson’s work ethic has contributed to her success this season. After the Sissies’ softball game Tuesday against Argyle, Davidson put in extra practice on the track until about 8:30 p.m.

“She’s going to do whatever it takes,” Ritchey said.


Decatur senior Autumn Finney entered the home stretch in the 400 trailing runners from Dallas Carter and Dallas Lincoln.

Despite a gusty wind, Finney rallied to pull ahead and snag the area title. She clocked a 1:00.60.

“I definitely was concerned with the wind,” Finney said. “I put my head down and just fought though it. I had a little more to give there at the end. As soon as I hit the straightaway I could tell she wasn’t going to go any faster.”


Bridgeport’s Blaze Ragland turned in a record-setting performance in the high jump, winning the area title with a leap of 6-6.

“Blaze had a school record in the high jump,” Ritchey said. “And the way he did it – he bombed out at 6-6, went down to 6-5 and got it on his third attempt. Then [he] went back up to 6-6 and got it on his second go-around.”


Decatur freshman Makenna Gantt improved on her performance at the district meet last week, throwing a personal record 38-2.75 to win the area title in the shot put.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Gantt said. “I’ve always kind of been confident in myself, but I never knew I could [throw] that far as a freshman.”


Bridgeport freshman Ashley Ingram finished fourth in shot put and third in discus, advancing to regionals. Ingram threw a 33.6.75 in the shot put and 91-9.50 in discus.

“I threw better in practice,” Ingram said of her performance. “We had to use a different technique [because of the wind]. It’s pretty awesome [I advanced] since I haven’t been able to practice a lot.”


Bridgeport’s Jadon Maddux and Carrollton Ranchview’s Troy McKnight duked it out in the 100 Wednesday.

Maddux won the battle of speedsters, crossing the finish line in 10.63 – 0.01 seconds faster than McKnight.

“It was close,” Maddux said. “I edged him out barely. It was a good race. Hopefully I can keep it up.

“I’m so excited [to go to regionals]. Right after football season I went straight to the track. I gave up basketball for this. It’s finally paying off.”

The Bridgeport sophomore went on to win the 200, posting a 21.79.

“He’ll have the fastest time going into the regional meet in the 200 and probably the 100,” Ritchey said. “He’s got a legitimate chance [to go to state].”


Team: 1. Dallas Carter, 156; 2. Decatur, 127; 3. Argyle, 92; 4. Dallas Lincoln, 48; 5. Bridgeport, 42; 6. Krum, 39; 7. Sanger, 36; 8. Carrollton Ranchview, 32

100: 1. Jadon Maddux, Bridgeport, 10.63; 4. Adam Martinez, Decatur, 10.83;

200: 1. Jadon Maddux, Bridgeport, 21.79; 6. Riley Love, Decatur, 22.79;

400: 5. Triston Read, Decatur, 51.97; 6. Cameron Hale, Decatur, 53.51

800: 2. Triston Read, Decatur, 2:01.10; 3. Christian Isaac, Decatur, 2:01.35

1,600: 2. Sergio Sanchez, Decatur, 4:49.91; 3. Salvador Garcia, Bridgeport, 4:51.05; 4. Gabe Embree, Decatur, 4:52.52

300 hurdles: 5. Jared Allison, Decatur, 41.78

4×100: 3. Decatur, (Adam Martinez, Riley Love, Colton Denman, Jhett Parker), 42.88

4×200: 4. Decatur, (Alec Uselton, Beau Bedford, Adam Martinez, Riley Love), 1:31.16; 3. Bridgeport, (Michael Cole, Zane Morrow, William Vann, Ty Read), 1:35.81

4×400: 2. Decatur, (Christian Isaac, Marco Rodriguez, Cameron Hale, Triston Read), 3:28.60;

3,200: 1. Alan Rangel, Decatur, 10:22:49; 2. Gabe Embree, Decatur, 10:36.21; 3. Salvador Garcia, Bridgeport, 10:57.90

Long jump: 2. Isaac Hacker, Decatur, 21-8.5; 5. Braden Snow, Decatur, 20-7;

Triple jump: 1. Isaac Hacker, Decatur, 44-6.5; 5. Riley Love, Decatur, 39-7

High jump: 1. Blaze Ragland, Bridgeport, 6-6; 4. Isaac Hacker, Decatur, 5-10

Pole vault: 3. Colton White, Decatur, 11-6

Discus: 2. Charles Doubrava, Decatur, 128-1.5; 6. Morgan Picha, Decatur, 115-1


Team: 1. Dallas Lincoln, 119; 2. Dallas Carter, 111; 3. Decatur, 99; 4. Argyle, 57; 5. Bridgeport, 46; 6. Krum, 39; 7. Sanger, 31; 8. Carrollton Ranchview, 30; 9. Frisco Lebanon Trail, 29; 10. Dallas Hutchins, 28; 11. Dallas Pinkston, 27

200: 4. Aly Starke, Decatur, 26.59; 6. Mackenzie Whitaker, Decatur, 27.13

400: 1. Autumn Finney, Decatur, 1:00.60

1,600: 4. Taylor Butler, Decatur, 6:08.57

3,200: 3. Kayla Leal, Decatur, 13:05.89; 4. Marisol Fraga, Bridgeport, 10:57.90

100 hurdles: 1. Morgen Davidson, Bridgeport, 15.65; 4. Makenzie Fox, Decatur, 16.62

300 hurdles: 3. Morgen Davidson, Bridgeport, 49.57; 5. Makenzie Fox, Decatur, 49.77

4×100: 4. Decatur, (Autumn Finney, Kallie Boner, Mallory Downe, Macy Downe), 50.44

4×200: 3. Decatur, (Aly Starke, Mallory Downe, Macy Downe, Mackenzie Whitaker), 1:47.92

4×400: 2. Decatur, (Makenzie Fox, Aly Starke, Mackenzie Whitaker, Samantha Roth), 4:06.23; 6. Bridgeport, (Lexine Stone, Breana Martinez, Kristen Grooms, Melanie Guzman), 4:25.87

3,200: 3. Marisol Fraga, Bridgeport, 12:45.36; 4. Kayla Leal, Decatur, 12:50.33

Long jump: 4. Mallory Downe, Decatur, 16-11,75; 4. Autumn Finney, Decatur, 15-7.25; 6. Macy Downe, Decatur, 15-5

High jump: 3. Makenzie Fox, Decatur, 5-0; 4. Mackenzie Whitaker, Decatur, 5-0

Pole vault: 2. Savannah Tuggle, Bridgeport, 8-0

Shotput: 1. Makenna Gantt, Decatur, 38-2.75; 3. Madi Kyle, Decatur, 34-6; 4. Ashley Ingram, Bridgeport, 33-6.75

Discus: 3. Ashley Ingram, Bridgeport, 91-9.5; 5. Makenna Gantt, Decatur, 90-1.5

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