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By Patricia Mitchell | Published Saturday, April 21, 2018

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Facing a challenging re-election year, is it any coincidence that Rhome Mayor Michelle Pittman diCredico recently had an epiphany about the fate of Rhome’s Old School and is now asking people (voters) to share her “vision?”

Her seat, as well as four of the five council seats, are up for grabs on this years ballot.

Last summer, with Mayor Pittman diCredico’s approval, Rhome City Council voted (5-0), to demolish the stately, historical structure and borrowed the funds to do it; they did not petition or ask for public input. There was no public hearing. At that time, the option to preserve the historic structure was neither on the table or considered.

And remember that last summer, this Rhome City Council also voted to renovate City Hall, another historic structure. They didn’t renovate City Hall. They poured your tax dollars (borrowed) into extensive improvements and renovations to that smaller, temporary rental instead.

There was no election in 2017. Mayor Pittman diCredico was never held accountable. Last summer, none of this year’s incumbents were running for re-election.

And elections are the means ordinary people, like you and I, have to hold their elected officials accountable. Voting is your right and every vote counts.

Patricia Mitchell

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