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By Tjwanah Smith | Published Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Cheers to Wise Health System.

July 10 I was unfortunate enough to have a face-plant on a downtown sidewalk of your great city. However, I was fortunate to have a super person, Buffy, from the hospital see my fall. She took over immediately, attending to the gash on my head, calling an ambulance and taking care of my adult son who doesn’t handle accidents very well. Special kudos to her.

Also, I was imp’ressed with Martinez of the ambulance response team who came back in the emergency room later to check on me and my injuries. Kelli Jo and Dr. Chowdhury were very comforting and took great care with my wound and stitches.

I want to commend all of these individuals and anyone else in your fabulous facility who cared for me that day. We had just stopped in Decatur for lunch on our way to Oklahoma and a week of vacation. Before too long, I was stitched up and cleaned up and on my way, although badly bruised.

You should be extremely proud of your city and your health care facility.

Tjwanah Smith
De Leon

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