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By Jo Ann Wilson | Published Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Two recent articles in the Messenger indicated that:

1. Rhome governing body is considering a $2,750,000 certificate of obligation for updates to the eastside sewer plant to accommodate future growth, including projected land use not currently in the city. You will not get a chance to vote!

2. Rhome governing body is also considering renovating the old school (after it spends $90,000 for a new roof before that decision is made). The article mentioned that many school alumni had indicated they want the remodel and also that many citizens have indicated they want it remodeled in lieu of new construction. What are the costs for each option? Are these people that pay Rhome taxes and utilities? Have citizens been surveyed? At what cost to the citizens?

Citizens, this all equates to “indebtedness.” Could this mean more taxes or increased water/sewer rates to meet these obligations? Ask questions!

If this is not what you, the citizens, want, now is the time to speak up. Once these costs have been incurred, we will be stuck with the costs.

You can contact the mayor and your council representatives at the email shown on the city’s website. Also, the council meets at 7 p.m. every second Thursday and the fourth Tuesday of each month. Be there and make your concerns heard!

Jo Ann Wilson

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