King’s speech misses mark

By Skip Nichols | Published Saturday, June 2, 2018

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I was set to praise Rep. Phil King for his Memorial Day speech, but, after reading his words, I cannot in good conscience find anything of merit. Instead, I found distasteful political partisanship from King.

He follows in the footsteps of his party leader, Don Trump, in failing to focus on the men and women who have sacrificed lives for our freedom.

Instead of continuing to berate King, I direct your readers to a Memorial Day ceremony in Greenwich, Conn., by a real hero, Medal of Honor winner Paul Bucha (U.S. Army captain who served in Vietnam) as reported by the Greenwich Time.

Bucha told the gathering he was not wearing his medal in order to pay tribute to the 10 members of his company who were killed during the war.

“They were bright, they were young and they had a future,” Bucha said. “Unfortunately because I didn’t do what I should have been able to do, those 10 are on (the Vietnam War memorial wall).”

Bucha mentioned the current controversy over NFL players kneeling for the National Anthem. He urged everyone to listen to the complaints the players were making as they knelt because he felt the issue has been “misportrayed” and those kneeling had something to say.

“I was reminded of who my men were and where they might stand or kneel,” Bucha said. “I started thinking maybe my role is to remind all of us that we don’t need this argument. We need to listen to the kids like my men who are from poorer sections of our society, people we have left behind. We can grab hands and stand up … to honor this flag by committing ourselves to make the changes the original protest was intended to highlight.”

Perhaps next time the Wise County Veterans Group selects a speaker for Memorial Day, it will be a non-partisan speaker who actually has knowledge of what Memorial Day stands for – especially in light of Wise County’s heroic Lost Battalion. Ideally, they must find a speaker who has served his country in combat and who will remind each of us how it’s not party affiliation or division that makes the United States great, but the coming together of all men and women, regardless or race, religion or other factors, who are willing to stand together, to die if necessary, for a diversity of American viewpoints.

Skip Nichols
Walla Walla, Wash.

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