Grateful safety is priority

By Margaret Reynolds | Published Saturday, March 31, 2018

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I am not against the Second Amendment. I believe each household should have a gun to protect their lives and use to hunt for food to feed their household. This is why the Second Amendment was included in the amendments.

At that time the right to keep and bear arms was exceedingly precious to men who faced dangers of many kinds in their lives. We are not living in those times to keep animals and prowling men from invading our homes.

Now we are having to protect our lives from military guns in our schools, churches and entertainment places. This should not be happening in America. These military guns are for wars, not for killing innocent children, people worshipping the Lord and people being entertained.

The Second Amendment was against killing. It was put in the Constitution for protection.

Our children are our most precious and valuable future for America, and I am so grateful to Wise County, Boyd ISD and the city of Boyd for working toward protecting our schools with school resources officers.

More can and will be done to protect our people here in America as time goes on. As a citizen of Boyd and grandmother of a student in Boyd Elementary School, I want to thank all who had input in this effort to protect our children.

Margaret Reynolds

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