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By Joe Lambert | Published Saturday, October 6, 2018

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Yes, Ms. Scroggins, I watched the Senate Judiciary hearing last week, and after your comments in last week’s Messenger, I now wonder if we saw the same program. I did not come away with the same conclusion as you did. Allow me to elaborate.

First, let me say that I believe that women should speak up when confronted by inappropriate behavior by a man. A man should be “put in his place” when this occurs or if more serious, reported to the authorities for prosecution. This we can agree on.

Also, I believe the culture is changing, and men everywhere now know that bad behavior could cost them their jobs, families, reputation, and may land them in the jail house as we now see with Bill Cosby.

There is a but coming. Here it is. Not every woman who testifies under oath tells the truth. Depending on the circumstances, motive, opportunity and who she is testifying against. This is my question with Dr. Ford, who had 36 years to speak out against Judge Kavanaugh. Why now? Judge Kavanaugh has had six FBI investigations as he was elected/appointed to more responsible judicial positions. She was a classmate or close acquaintance, so she was aware of his professional ascendancy. I submit that she fell prey to the liberal democrats as they offered financial rewards beyond anything she could ever make on her own. (Please check her GoFundMe account, $500,000 and rising). Plus, book deals and speaking engagements. She was used. This sham of a hearing was not about women’s rights nor was it about finding the truth. I fail to understand why every woman in American is not outraged at the socialist liberal democrats for using and manipulating them to further their liberal agenda.

Did I believe Dr. Ford? No! And this week, we see her testimony being brought into question. The whole thing is coming unraveled.

I do agree that there was bullying going on in the hearing, but it was not the work of Judge Kavanaugh. It was 10 rabid Democrat senators that had Judge Kavanaugh pinned to the wall, defending his family, his honor and integrity, literally fighting for his professional career. They berated, badgered and threatened him, especially dirty Dick Durbin. How shameful was this display? Where has our civility gone in this country? I was proud of Senator Lindsay Graham for calling this display what it was, a sham.

This hearing was not about finding the truth, women’s rights or about confirming Judge Kavanaugh, but pure hatred for President Trump. Also, they thought that if Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed he may vote for the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh were used, victims if you will.

This is my point of view, and I am an 85-year-old white guy, born in Wise County, educated in the Decatur School System, Decatur Baptist College, North Texas State College, Air Force Veteran, career of 60 years of financial and insurance business, father, grandfather, great grandfather and former mayor of Decatur, all of which I am proud. Also, I am a proud supporter of President Trump and Senator Ted Cruz.

Joe Lambert

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