City sold a lemon

By Patricia Mitchell | Published Saturday, January 13, 2018

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A jury of his peers exonerated former Rhome Police Chief Brandon Davis on two misdemeanor charges. He was doing his job.

What most folks in Rhome “knew” about Davis were rumors on social media. Gossip, with little basis in fact.

Rhome’s City Council is a contingent of members of Rhome Forward. Friends and family are appointed to open seats and city boards. The “progress” touted on Rhome Forward’s website includes “election reform,” passed by questionable method despite public opposition. Election by places – a form of gerrymandering intended to boost special interest candidates advantage by diluting the voting bloc.

Without submitting a new bond proposal to a referendum, when one public bond was finally paid off, the city council took out another loan, now bragging they didn’t raise taxes.

After mold closed City Hall, the structure was gutted and a new roof was installed. Rhome citizens were led to believe that after renovations and expanding the space, city administration would move back. Rhome City Council poured taxpayer money into extensive improvements for a smaller, temporary rental instead.

Visitors to Rhome will find city streets in disrepair and raw sewage regularly backs up in the city’s antiquated clay pipes, while the Rhome Forward website boasts that Rhome is no longer a “laughingstock.”

Surrounding communities are thriving, and Rhome taxpayers aren’t laughing these days.

In 2018, the mayor’s position and four council seats will be on the ballot.

Rhome Forward sold Rhome citizens a lemon. That shiny, new coat of paint peeled off, it’s not going anywhere, it’s bleeding taxpayers’ wallets and the A/C blows nothing but a lot of hot air.

Patricia Mitchell

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