Addressing current topics in Boyd

By Rodney E. Holmes | Published Saturday, April 28, 2018

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There seems to be some confusion on things that are happening in our great city.

1. A proposal has been made to increase water and sewer rates. This will be an increase of 10 percent on the residential and commercial side for water. There is no increase on the residential sewer side, and a 50 percent increase on the commercial sewer side (only because the study showed it is way underfunded). This means the average residential bill, with a use of 4,500 gallons per month, will go up $4.10 a month. The average commercial bill will increase by $21.54 a month. The city paid our engineering firm to do an in-depth study as to why our water/sewer department has been losing money for years. This increase will allow that department to break even and do some much needed repairs and upgrades to our system. The increases have nothing to do with any new planned developments. We have been working on a master plan to repair and upgrade the water system in our city for more than a year. It was the number one thing that our citizens wanted fixed on the survey we conducted a couple years ago. As a citizen, I am willing to pay these increases and actually be able to turn on the faucet, have plenty of pressure, and be able to drink the water right out of the tap. These increases will allow us to get those things done.

2. The city has put on the ballot for May a proposal to form a Municipal Development District. A letter was sent out to all citizens explaining what that is. It will basically allow the city to use a half-cent of the current sales tax collected to fund special projects in the city, such as streets, parks, existing infrastructure repairs, etc. These projects will be chosen by an appointed board of citizens, who will present the projects and a budget to the city council for approval each year. This district will in no way be used to fund any new developments in town.

3. On the new proposed 585-home development called Spring Hill South, the infrastructure for this development will be paid entirely by the developer and the citizens who move into these new homes through a public improvement district (PID). Any new infrastructure that needs to be added to our existing system will be paid for by them. Under no circumstances, will I or the council allow the current citizens to pay for any new developments in the city of Boyd. No. 1 and 2 on this list were being worked on way before the proposed development was even presented to us. It is just coincidence that they are coming up at the same time. They have nothing to do with each other.

Anyone with any questions are encouraged to attend the next city council meeting at 6 p.m. May 1 at the Boyd Community Center. Even if you don’t have any questions, I urge you to attend and get involved.

Please remember, the council and myself are citizens and pay the same bills and fees that every other citizen does.

Thank you!

Rodney E. Holmes
Boyd Mayor

One Response to “Addressing current topics in Boyd”

  1. Laura Valero says:

    Question: on the new development of Spring Hill South are the schools in Boyd big enough to handle the incoming students? Also, have you thought about the impact of traffic that will be on Cemetery Road?


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