Shower me with household items

By Kristen Tribe | Published Saturday, June 2, 2018

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I’ve bought two wedding shower gifts in the last seven days.

After perusing the registries at places like Anthropologie, Bed Bath and Beyond, West Elm, Target and the like, I had a single thought.

I want one.

Kristen Tribe

After being married 20 years, I could really use another wedding shower. We’re two apartments, two houses, two kids, three cats, four dogs into this deal, and we could use some new stuff. My towels will soon be thread-bare, some of my dishes have broken, and you know, my taste has changed, so some new home decor would be nice.

I think this should be the new 20-year thing. A lot of us still have kids at home, so we need some items to freshen up our households and keep them going for a few more years. We can’t even think about downsizing until they’re in college. I mean, eventually, we’ll only need four towels. But that’s not cutting it right now.

The drinkware in my cabinets currently consists of four yellow tea glasses; three plastic, maroon “glasses” that came from Messenger Hallmark way back when; a handful of Fuzzy’s cups; two stemless souvenir wine glasses; and a collection of mismatched coffee cups that drives my husband crazy because they don’t stack neatly on the shelf.

If we were showered with a new collection, we could ditch this random selection.

Plus, there are a lot of great, new appliances available. The options in coffee makers alone will make your head spin. I could definitely use a new food processor or something of the sort. Mine is the old school, on/off variety. I need more power. Maybe even two – a big one and a little one.

I would also love a broiler oven. We had one once. It broke.

Our cookware seriously needs to be updated. Some of our pots are missing lids, the Teflon is peeling off some skillets and we could use a bigger variety of sizes. We have tiny pots and large pots. We need medium-sized cooking pots.

I could use new dish towels – pretty ones, a sheet set or two and of course, gift cards. Bring on the gift cards!

I don’t think the phenomenon of needing another shower is singular to the Tribe household. I think most of my friends would like one, too.

Maybe it’s a tradition we could start. It would be a grassroots effort right here in Wise County – the 20th anniversary wedding shower. If we started doing it here, it would spread to neighboring counties and then states until it stretched across all of America, refreshing households everywhere.

It would be like a reward: Congratulations, you made it 20 whole years! Not to mention encouragement to keep going: You can’t stop now; you just got all this new stuff.

So what do you say, Wise County? Want to give it a whirl?

I volunteer to go first.

Kristen Tribe is the assistant publisher of the Wise County Messenger. She’s been promising herself for a year she’d buy new towels.

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